Artist Spotlight: H / by Tanner Cindric

What has been your favorite live performance you've gotten the chance to do thus far?

Opening at the Kid Ink show in Denver was pretty big for me. Definitely the biggest crowd I had been on stage in front of, and my first step into what a real show performance felt like. It ended up going really well and I was able to accomplish what I saw in my head for a show like that. It's a lot of people that think it's super easy or just 100% fun, but it takes a lot of work to get everything to go smoothly, and a lot of nerves. This is coming from a kid who used to shake while presenting my projects in High School...It's a huge step and change but it's worth it to a T.


Who are your favorite people to work with?

I haven't really thrown myself out there for features too much, but I definitely work with a select few people at this point. I create a lot of music along side my homie Mista J, who is a producer that lives in Denver via Nebraska. He is kinda on the same path as me so we are always trying to get something popping.

I also work pretty often with the Bordeaux brothers, who are also rappers/musicians from here in Denver. You got H*wood and you got Kid Vegas, and those are my brothers man. They kinda threw me into this music head first...before I really knew what was happening. Very talented brothers who have presented a number of opportunities in front of me.


What is your favorite thing to do besides make music?

If I'm not thinking about something musical, I'm usually thinking about skiing. That's my jam. It's really the only physical release that I have anymore. Now that I'm not playing soccer or any of that jazz. Skiing is what got me into music. I honestly dislike skiing without music. Not in the sense that skiing is lame without it, but that's just how I do it. You know, some people hate mornings without's the same thing.


What are your goals for the future?

Honestly, I just want to make music. The plan is for people to dig the music enough so all I can do is that...In other words, I just want to earn the chance to do nothing but work, and focus on music. But my primary goal is to headline my own tour. I love traveling..its the most therapeutic thing you can do in this day and age to me...I'm the type of dude who gets antsy if I'm anywhere for more than a couple weeks, aside from home.


What are your travel essentials?

I don't leave home without my Macbook Pro, Lacie 500GB hard drives (2), Dr. Dre Beat Studio headphones, Sharpie pens + something to write on, and my Nalgene...that's really it.


What are you most stoked on in the Nightrain AW13 collection?

The new bomber jacket looks super super super ill and I'm hyped to rock that on stage and in the studio. It's always colder in those 2 places and I get tired of wearing hoodies all the time. The color of the jacket paired with the gold zips and the black cuffs...that's my shit.


What is your favorite thing about music?

The release and energy...Whether it's something I'm working on or another song I fuck with- there really isn't a better feeling than hearing that and connecting with it. Especially making a new song...It puts me in the driver seat with my hands on the wheel of what feels like a Bugatti that I'm just tryna not crash. It's awesome.


What are you most stoked on in the Nightrain winter collection?

Everything is looking real sweet so I’m stoked to be shredding in everything real soon.


Who are your inspirations?

I don't really look for inspiration when i'm actually making music or writing something...I try and let it come from a natural place that represents me... In terms of who inspired me to start making rap music, It's dudes like Kanye, A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, Matisyahu, Pharell...That's really all I listened to back in like...the 7th grade, and those are the dudes who made me see what's up with rap.


What has been the biggest accomplishment in your career as an artist?

Haven't really had that yet. Working for it currently. In my mind, though, really living a life that makes me happy, doing what I want to do, and getting some people to hear what I make is huge to me. That's like...The Golden Section to my life.